Our Story

The first time I had a cup of coffee that I did not want to immediately add sugar and creamer to was in Honduras.  We were on a Public Health trip helping to install bathrooms in the homes of people that lived in mountains of Honduras.  One of their main sources of income?  Coffee.  I connected with the people and after leaving Honduras, I always looked for Honduran coffee when different origins were available.  It was my way of saying, I still support you. It is not until you drive up a mountain, step out into the community and watch the coffee being hand picked that you truly appreciate the labor that goes into a cup of coffee.

Fast  forward four years and I found myself stationed in England with my husband.  If you didn't know England is the home of Afternoon Tea.  Prior to living here, I can honestly say if it wasn't sweet tea I probably wasn't drinking it.  It's funny how exposure to new cultures shape you as a person, your interests, your passion, and your hobbies.  I love tea and all of the aromatic and health benefits that come along with it.  I've grown from fishing a tea bag out a cup of hot water to steeping loose leaf tea in a teapot.

From these experiences, Mahogany Queen was born.  A woman owned, veteran owned, black owned company born by the appreciation of both coffee and tea realized through my own life experiences.  Mahogany embodies strength and elegance symbolic of both coffee and tea, symbolic of me. Queen represents royalty.



Mahogany Queen Co