Does coffee grind size really matter?

April 25, 2021

Does coffee grind size really matter? - Mahogany Queen Coffee

Does the size of the coffee grind really matter?

You may be wondering if it really matters how fine you grind your whole bean coffee, or if you picked up the correct type to brew.  If you want the best cup of coffee you could possibly brew then grind size does matter.  There are several types of grind sizes you should aim to achieve when grinding your own coffee.  This is all dependent on the hardware you intend to use of course.  For the everyday at home coffee drinker that uses a drip coffee machine or keurig to brew their coffee, then a medium grind is appropriate. For single origin coffee our Honduras or African Espresso is perfect.  For a flavored coffee, try our Hazelnut or Mexican Chocolate blends. 

If you are looking to take your coffee brewing skills to the next level, then try your hand at pour overs, aeropress, or French press methods.  These methods still require minimal effort but make outstanding coffee.  These are also ideal brew methods for people who love to travel.  Most of these brewers are can be compact and easy to stow in a backpack.  While it is possible to use a medium grind coffee, for optimal results a medium-fine grind is preferable.  Our Cowboy blend is a popular option as well as our French Vanilla.

With Summer season quickly approaching, you may find yourself fancying a cold brew coffee.  In this case, a coarser grind is recommended as a true cold brew needs to steep for 8-12 hours.  Extraction of the coffee flavor and caffeine is dependent of the grind size. The finer the grind, the quicker the extraction hence the required brew time.  We recommend our Cold Brew coffee blend since it already comes in a coarse grind and is ready to brew. 

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